Let me tell you a little about myself. When I was in 8th grade I learned how to play poker, ever since then its been a passion of mine. After turning 18 I started playing for a living when I found the world of online poker, but knowing that poker is always going to have ups and downs I decided I wanted to find a second job that would allow me to do what I like most and still allowed me to have time to play. So I started this website. I like to Dress up, take sexy photos and videos, getting naked, making fantasies come true, having lots of orgasms. I am so in love with what I do, and making this website was the best thing I have ever done for myself.

Inside you can find not only access to ALL of my videos/ pictures but you also receive access to my friends sites on this network. I update the members area each week with first me teasing you with the still pictures, then a few days later you receive the video that goes with pictures and somewhere all in there A Live free member webcam show.

So Welcome to ivysnow.com , If you do sign up and become a member. Send me a email, a instant message, whatever you please. I'm a sweetheart and promise not to bite… unless your into that kinda thing!

Q Ivy what is your favorite type of sex?
A I really enjoy roleplaying, on cam or off.. and the naughtier the better. its just fantasy, so why not?I have some done some kinky things on webcam with some of my fav customers, but some of those I can never repeat. Your personal fantasies/information is always top priority to me.

Q How do you feel about foot play and/or anal play?
A I was a newbie at both of those fetishes, until I started my website and web camping. It's really funny how much I have grown sexually within the year of my website. I have been open and exploring so many different forms of play now like bondage,foot,anal,role playing, dirty talk, dp, and loved them ALL!

Q Do you prefer to give or to receive? And I bet you give one hell of a blowjob.
A I like both. but if I was to choose 69 is one of my favorite foreplay action. You get to give and get, the best of both worlds.

Q Do you like or condone dirty talk during a 1-1 private session? If a guy calls you a wh0re or b1tch do you get offended? Or it's a turn on for you
A I like dirty talk a lot, it makes the experience a lot more hot and heavy. I would never get mad, the bedroom is the one place you can call me a dirty whore and i'm going to fucking love it.

Q Have you ever been involved in a threesome? Would you consider doing so in the future?
A I haven't ever, but one day I would love too. When I do watch porn, I like seeing natural pretty girls being used by more than one guy :]

Q Morning, afternoon, or night sex?
A I think this answers also for masturbating as well as sex…ALL the time, anytime. I just want that orgasm :P

Q What's your favorite sexual position?
A I like to switch between a few positions and really enjoy when partners surprise me with new ones. My personal favorites lately have been Missionary position, doggy style, and cowgirl, reverse cowgirl.

Q What's your favorite foreplay activity?
A I like to be teased, i want a lot of rubbing and kissing my neck. slightly touching me, but not giving it to me right away. and of course 69 :D:D

Q Have you ever faked an orgasm?
A Yes, when I was younger. I felt bad, my boyfriend at the time was just really bad at sex. We both were pretty un experienced and the whole time I just wanted him to be happy even if I wasn't.

Q Do you ever host cam shows where you can see the people watching you? I'm just curious because I really enjoy knowing the cam girl i'm watching can see me jerk off to her.
A When i do private shows through Myfreecams I do watch cams. I prefer to be able to see a webcam when i'm doing 1 on 1 shows, it makes it pretty easy for me to imagine that cock inside me when I can see it :P

Q So i'm assuming by your reblog of the quote about being single that you obviously are in no need or rush to find someone. Is it a case of there not being anyone of interest in your area, or are you just too focused on other things like your job(s) at the moment to take the time for a relationship?
A Right now, I have been super busy with work. Between managing my site and social networks and playing poker and also finding time to do live webcam shows has overwhelmed my life. I go on dates here and there, but right now I think it would be hard to give someone the attention they deserve so most of the time, I just stick to myself.

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